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Pioneer Flag

The Leavenworth Youth Football Association provides three divisions of NFL flag football.  K/1, 2/3, and 4/5. The age group for these divisions begin at Kindergarten and go to 5th grade.

ALL Levels of Flag are no contact, and no blocking. For Official Rules for KC Sunflower League Rules for Flag. Click the link above.

Our K/1(s) focus on the beginning basics of football. The center to quarterback exchange, The quarterback to running back exchange, passing,  proper football stance, how to properly carry the ball, basic line of scrimmage concepts; offense and defense, and of course FLAG pulling !

Our 2/3(s) focus on renewing the basic concepts as well as introducing new skills. In 2/3 Flag our kids will start to learn strategies and plays, as well as how to properly throw and catch a football. They will also work on non contact blocking.

Our 4/5(s) focus on strengthening all of the beginner and developmental skills as well as teaching more competitive strategies of the game of football. Including more offensive and defensive play calling. Advanced Flag pulling, and advanced non contact blocking.

All of our flag team volunteer coaches are NAYS Certified and USA Football Heads Up Certified. Visit for more coaching information. 

For more information about our flag divisions or for volunteer information please contact us.

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