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You Ask, We Answer

Frequently Asked Questions to LYFA

2022 Cost to Play

Lots of Questions about Cost this year! Truth is, It depends on YOU!

There are a lot of options for this years fee breakdown.  Including Fundraising, and NAYS Parent Orientation Program. Here are some basic examples: 

For Tackle: NAYS Members Basic Registration Cost $275 

                 Non NAYS Member Basic Registration Cost $305

For Flag Football: NAYS Members Basic Registration $185

                   Non NAYS Member Basic Registration Cost $215

Added Options for 2022 Football Season: 

Flag Headgear if needed Cost +$35 for flag

Homecoming Banners +$15 each.   (Max 2)

Additional Discounts: HundredX Participants can raise 100% of the basic registration costs this year. Let HundredX pay for your child to play. Its the easiest fundraiser we've ever done. Plus, you don't have to buy or sell anything! Just give opinions on popular products, services, and stores. So EASY! Sign Up today before the program ends.

1 sign up completing 75 quality feedback surveys Saves $50

Tackle- Get 6 participants to each complete the max of 75 quality opinions and that pays 100% of the players basic registration fee.

Flag- Get 5 participants to each complete the max of 75 quality opinions and that pays %100 of the players basic registration fee.  


Q- Who runs the program?

A-  The LYFA is a registered 501c3 non for profit that is run by a board of directors.

Q- Do the board members or coaches get paid?

A- NO. All of our board members and coaching staff graciously donate their time by volunteering for free every season.

Q- What is the cost to participate?

A- The 2022 Fees are as follows:   Flag- Prices vary pending equipment needs  Tackle- Prices Pending Fundraising

Late registration Fee will be applied after May 27th 2022 +$15

Q- What equipment is provided?

A- LYFA provides all player equipment with the exception of cleats. But we do have a Cleats Bin with donated cleats that are first come first fit.

Q- Is this program recreational or competitive?

A- Both. Our main goal is to make sure our athletes are learning the sport of football/cheerleading in a safe and fun environment. But Yes. There will be some games that are competitive for both football and cheer.

Q- Does my athlete need a medical physical to participate?

A- YES. ALL of our athletes will require a PPE. (Pre-Participation Exam) this year. Kindergarten thru 6th grade. Both Cheer and football. The KSHSAA  physical form can be found in the FORMS Tab, but any physical form will be accepted. The physicals can be completed after May 1st, but are required to participate in any practices/games with LYFA. Forms can be turned into Head coaches.

Q- When does the season start.?

A- 2022 Practices will start end of July.

Q- How often are practices held?

A- For Flag, limited to 3 practices per week before Labor Day, and after Labor Day typically drops down to 2 practices a week.  Days and times are determined by the teams coaching staff. Practice time for Flag/Cheer usually runs 6-7:30PM and Tackle practices usually run from 6-8PM

A- For Tackle, limited to 4 practices per week before Labor Day, and 3 practices per week after Labor Day. Practices are scheduled by the teams coaching staff.

Q- Who is eligible to participate?

A- Any child entering K-6th grade in the Fall.

Q- Who plays flag football vs tackle football?

A- We will offer K-5th grade flag football, 3-6th grade tackle 

Q- How old do you have to be to Cheerlead/Yell Lead?

A- Athletes for Cheer/Yell must be entering the 1st grade in the Fall.